Logged in as a user, in Announcements page you will be able to announce your Twitter contacts about the events that you are scheduling. In order to do that you will need to click on Tools button from the left side of the DashBoard area:

broadcast platform twitter announcements


After the Tools menu tab opens, the user will have to click on the Announcements link:

broadcast platform twitter announcements


This is how the Announcements page looks like and below we will explain each field:


1. Click here to sign in using your Twitter account. You will be redirected to Twitter login page, where you need to insert your account credentials and authorize the platform to access your Twitter account


2. Once signed in using your Twitter account, you will see your Twitter contacts here

3. Click this link to select all contacts

4. Click this link to deselect all contacts

Note: The system won’t store your password or contact anyone without your permission.

5. Enter here the message that will be sent to the selected contacts

6. Click this button to send messages to the contacts that you have selected